Prevent corona virus with herbal plants

Prevent coronavirus with herbal plants

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Prevent coronavirus with herbal plants

You can easily get the coronavirus from herbal plants. Since the pandemic, many people have been looking for ways to escape and recover. Various types of drugs have also been launched to make the virus disappear quickly. Apart from vaccines, it turns out that you can make virus prevention using herbal plants. Prevent coronavirus with herbal plants

If an ordinary person would say that drinking herbal medicine will make it healthier and the germs will move quickly. It was not a word and gossip. Some experts say that there are several plants that can provide many benefits to the body. Can increase endurance and also prevent the coronavirus from entering the body.

Of course, you are curious about what plants can provide many benefits. The following are the names of the plants:


Thebigtriceonline – Kitchen spices that are often used by many people. Many other people don’t think that garlic can prevent the covid virus. Garlic can help maintain health and improve blood flow. Besides that, it turns out that garlic can also increase the desire to make love to your partner. Helps increase body resistance to be immune to viruses.

Gotu Kola

Traditional plants have many benefits. Can be an immunomodulator for the body’s defense. Centella Asiatica can also help repair dead skin cells.


Best known for its ability to increase endurance. There are lots of ingredients that can make the covid virus mental and not damage the body’s tissue system. The most common benefits found in Temulawak are that it can help neutralize toxins and relieve pain in the body.

mental covid//healthy plant


Leaves that look ordinary actually have some very good properties. Can treat diseases such as kidney disorders, canker sores, high blood pressure, and others. In medical science, it turns out that the Meniran plant can be an immune-boosting drug.

Turmeric is a spice ingredient that is often used in making dishes and drinks. Plants have many types of vitamins, and can also help stimulate the immune system.