How to Care for Roses

How to Care for Roses

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How to Care for Roses

Roses are indeed beautiful and beautiful plants. But planting roses is not as easy as one might imagine. Those of you who plant roses make sure you have a location and tricks for planting them.

Tips for growing roses


Use a fertilizer that is suitable for planting roses so that you can make roses more fertile. Of course, roses are not just any plants that can live without any care. Choosing roses means you have to be prepared for all the risks and all the skills in planting. Thebigtriceonline


If you plant roses from the stem, don’t expose them to direct sunlight. Make sure the plants planted are exposed to light in the morning. If it has become a bushy rose, then you use the method of planting it in the sun. It would be better for roses that are still new to be exposed to sunlight for 6 hours so they are not damaged.

give enough water//how to plant

Give enough water to the rose plants, don’t make the rose plants have a lot of submerged water. Roses that have a lot of water will make the stems rot easily. If it’s a rainy season, put roses into the house or make a place to plant roses less exposed to water.

Make sure you have fertile soil so that roses grow fast and don’t die easily. Mix the husks and fertilizer to make the roses more fertile which you can place on the ground.

After all the tips you have done, pay attention to the rose stalks, and don’t be exposed to pests. The pest is white in shape and attached to the stalk. Most pests on rose plants will make the plant not easy to grow. And the last tip is cutting, cutting dry leaves. This function is so that the rose plants can thrive again.