How to Plant Tuberose

How to Plant Tuberose

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How to Plant Tuberose

Select Seeds

The thing that needs to be done when planting is to choose superior seeds. How to take seeds is not just breaking them and then planting them, there are stages. The way to choose superior seeds is to choose parents who are about 1.5 years old and of course, choose seeds that often flower. When choosing seeds, make sure there are no blisters and take seeds that are about 1-2 cm high.

Growing media

This planting medium is very important because, without a planting medium, the plants will not grow. You can plant using tuberose, pots, or polybags. What is needed in the planting medium is soil, fertilizer, husk charcoal, pots, and water. Thebigtriceonline

Naming process

Prepare all the materials needed and then insert the seeds into the soil that will be stored. After inserting the id seeds, don’t forget to cover them again using soil so that they are dense and then water them with sufficient water. When finished place the plant exposed to sufficient sunlight.

pay attention to maintenance//beautiful and fragrant

Care and watering
Not just planting, but care must be taken so that the plants develop faster. What is meant by caring for is the provision of sufficient water and then the periodic application of fertilizer. At the beginning of planting, regular watering should be done to speed up the shoots. Better to do water in the morning and evening. When the tuberose plant has started to grow, you can water it once a day.