Types of family medicinal plants

Types of family medicinal plants

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Types of family medicinal plants

The types of medicinal plants in the family are very diverse. Various types of plants that can cure diseases are available here. Many think that herbal medicine does not have high efficacy. Just normal medicine. But make no mistake medicinal plants have a powerful ability to heal many people.

Why is it called a family medicinal plant?

Thebigtriceonline – A Family medicine garden can be called a toga. A plant is grown in the garden of the house. Not only a room sweetener but also can be a cure for the disease. There are also those who say that the toga is also planted for personal use. Family medicinal plants Some grow as wild plants.

However, many traditional medicine gatherers are looking for these plants. So there are some residents who plant these wild plants in the garden. Many people already know the benefits of family medicinal plants. It’s no wonder that the toga herbal plant is in demand by many people.

Of course, many are curious about family medicinal plants, right? The following is the name of the toga plant, namely:

can be used as seasoning//Herb
  • Ginger
    Ginger is one of the drugs that can overcome all kinds of diseases. There are 3 types of ginger, namely: red ginger, elephant, and Emprit. Not only helps to warm the body but can also overcome coughs, arouse appetite, and much more.
  • Turmeric
    The next family of medicinal plants is turmeric. One of the plants has beautiful flowers with orange turmeric color. In addition to being a spice in cooking, turmeric also has health benefits for the body such as relieving inflammation of the uterus and appendicitis, can treat tonsillitis, and many other benefits.
  • Curcuma
    Temulawak is one of the herbal plants that also provides many benefits for curing all diseases. Plants that have a slightly white round shape can also cure all diseases as well. The benefits obtained from the Temulawak plant are that it can help cure kidney pain, asthma, headaches, ulcers, and much more.
  • Aromatic ginger
    Kencur is one of the medicinal plants that can overcome all kinds of diseases. In addition to being a kencur medicine, it is also a cooking spice. The benefits of Kencur are: it can eliminate stomach ulcers, fever, vomiting, and many others.