How to store and take herbs

How to store and take herbs

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How to store and take herbs

How to use herbal plants is the first step in making medicine. Herbal medicine in antiquity is a type of medicine that has many benefits. Although it seems to give a bitter taste, herbal medicine is a medicine that is able to cure various diseases. Herbal plants become traditional medicine. How to store and take herbs

To be able to use herbal plants we must begin to know some important things about herbal plants. If you just take it, it can be fatal. Because herbal plants can also be toxic. Here are some steps that must be done in using herbal plants, namely:

Know the types of herbal plants and their uses.

Pick plants in the morning Thebigtriceonline
When picking, pay attention to the condition of the leaves and flowers. Choose one that is really ripe when picking it.
Herbal medicine can be processed in 2 ways, namely wet and dry processing.
If you need a drying process, then dry it by drying it in the sun.

Prepare a place for herbs

Store the medicinal ingredients in the place provided.
Herbal plants can help cure various types of diseases. Although it looks bitter and has a thick color, it is a property that can help cure diseases. Not all herbal plants have the same function.

drying plants//storage

Before processing herbal plants, you must first know the types of plants and their functions. Because each plant’s processing is different. Some are processed in wet medicine and some are processed in dry. Saving herbal plants can not just save them. Must know how to store medicine so that the medicine does not smell and crumble. Each herbal medicine has a different shelf life. This is what makes herbal medicines a bit expensive and difficult to find.