Benefits of Rosemary for hair

Benefits of Rosemary for hair

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Benefits of Rosemary for hair

Having healthy hair is everyone’s dream, including women’s. People who have good hair will make them very confident. Because people who have a good crown will make themselves more and more perfect. Hair is not the main thing for body views but not having hair will make someone less confident.

Here are the benefits of rosemary for hair

Overcoming loss

Those of you who have complaints of falling out will create new problems for users. Indeed, hair will definitely fall out every day, but the normal loss is 50 to 100 hairs. If the problem of falling out is not immediately resolved it will trigger baldness. Thebigtriceonline

Stimulating Growth

People whose hair has fallen out should be able to do the treatment. With rosemary leaves, thin hair will trigger thickness. Even though it can’t be as thick as the initial hair grows, those of you who do the treatment will never be disappointed.

healthy growth does not fall off//prevent fall

Prevent Dandruff

What makes rosemary leaves prevent dandruff is the aroma it has. If the rosemary you have is still alive, it will give off a strong minty scent. Of course, what makes dandruff disappear is the mint scent. With the mint flavor in the hair, it will make dandruff not dare to come close.

How to process rosemary leaves


Before you manage the rosemary leaves, make sure you have washed the leaves thoroughly under running water. Washing the leaves under running water will make it easier to remove the dirt stuck to the leaves.


Cook the rosemary leaves in the oil for a few minutes while stirring, but use low heat. With a small fire, it will make the rosemary leaves and the oil cooks together apart from that the rosemary will give off a pungent aroma.

After the rosemary oil has finished cooking, you can filter it into an empty container. Make sure the oil that is poured has a clean place and is cold. If it’s still hot, you can place it at room temperature.