Benefits of Herbal Plants

Benefits of Herbal Plants

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Benefits of Herbal Plants

Plants are not just home sweeteners. But plants can also be good medicine for the body. Properties have been able to kill germs and eliminate all diseases. No wonder people used to really believe in herbal medicine. Ordinary people, of course, only think plants are just decorations. There are so many types of benefits of herbal plants that we can find.

Herbal plants are types of plants that have many uses and many benefits. Herbal plants have been around since our ancestors. Before the circulation of modern medicines, herbal plants were everyone’s mainstay. You can’t just take plants and make them directly into medicine.

Bad things can happen if you consume them wrong. To solve this, it is better to ask the drug maker or prescriber. Of course many are wondering about herbal plants.. The part of the plant that is used as medicine is :



The type of plant used as medicine is the root. Only some roots can be used as medicine. The types of plants are onion, white, ginseng, yam, carrots, red galangal, and many more types. Roots have a lot of good content to cure diseases.


3 benefits on each side of the plant//Fuit

Medicinal plants on the stem can also help heal. The stems of the plant also have very good properties. The stems that can be used are Brotowali, Cinnamon Bark, Pulosari, Secang, Quinine bark, and many others.


There are many types of leaves that can help cure diseases. It is said that the leaves can also be used as medicine to cover wounds on the outside. The efficacy given may be slightly different from traditional medicine. Each Materials to make medicine can be by using leaves. The following are some of the types:. The leaves are Katuk leaves, Grass jelly, Ciplukan, Cumin, Betel, and others.


Fruit is a fresh and delicious food. Can help us withstand hunger. In the world of herbal medicine, fruit can also help heal and nourish the body. Fruits that are often used as medicine are avocado, papaya, guava, Srikaya, and others.