Plants to treat Cough

Plants to treat Cough

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Plants to treat Cough

Cough is a mild disease that almost everyone experiences. But as much as possible don’t let someone get a cough because it won’t taste good. Coughs can appear for various reasons. To treat a cough, of course, you need to know in advance what the reason is. Here are the causes of coughing Plants to treat Cough

  • Someone’s talking about it
    In Japan, it is believed that if a person is talked about then that person will cough. Of course, it doesn’t have to be far away for the cough to reach the recipient. Of course, a cough like this is a trivial thing and if you don’t have a fever then coughing is a sign.
  • Disease
    Cough caused by disease, of course, must be treated because coughing in the form of the disease causes many complaints. However, coughs caused by disease must be determined in advance whether the disease is severe or just an ordinary disease. If the cough is based on an ordinary illness, there are symptoms of fever or because of too much oily food, which makes the throat dry and hot. But coughing due to asthma or respiratory infections, of course, you can’t play games, because there are self-managements to deal with coughs.

The following are plants for cough medicine

Ginger – Thebigtriceonline

The ginger plant has anti-inflammatory properties which are very effective in treating coughs with phlegm. Drinking ginger would be better mixed with tea, honey, or together with palm sugar. Doing therapy like this will slowly relax the cough.

Aromatic ginger

Kencur has a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B complex, or beta carotene. Kencur is believed to relieve pain in the throat. One supplement that is able to maintain endurance is Kencur if you need to increase your body’s resistance then you can drink Kencur.

Belimbig Wuluh is not only for mixing food but Belimbing Wuluh can treat coughs and treat inflammation. And who would have thought that starfruit could overcome acne, diabetes, fever, canker sores, goiter, and stomach pain?

Noni fruit can treat coughs and other diseases. Consuming noni fruit, you can juice it. Noni fruit does have a not-so-pleasant aroma, but you can consume noni with pineapple.

Relieving the symptoms of garlic cough and cold can be the best solution. Garlic can be the best antiseptic for the body. Most people who use garlic will mix it with honey. Regular consumption of garlic regularly will cause healing quickly.