Medicinal plants for the heart

Medicinal plants for the heart

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Medicinal plants for the heart

Heart disease is not an ordinary disease, there are many people who always take care of their hearts so that they don’t get sick. Heart disease can take its toll because of an unhealthy lifestyle. What triggers a person to have heart disease is a lack of exercise and eating cholesterol foods and drinking alcohol. This trivial thing is often taken lightly and makes sufferers trigger heart disease.

The heart is a core organ that is needed by humans. For this reason, it is not permissible to just manage life and diet. As long as you manage life, of course, it will trigger a heart attack. What triggers a person to have a heart attack is being overweight or having a history of diabetes mellitus.

Here are heart medicinal plants

Mangosteen [ Thebigtriceonline ]

What is needed to treat the heart is mangosteen skin. Because the skin is so effective in treating the heart. However, the mangosteen peel is not directly eaten, but there are special equipment and the best mixture of substances in order to achieve maximum results. When eaten directly, the mangosteen peel is very bitter.


turn food into medicine//heart plant

Noni fruit is able to maintain blood pressure to remain stable. What makes your heart hurt is high blood pressure, so having stable blood pressure is very necessary. Fruits that can improve body function can certainly treat the heart. Rarely does anyone want to take noni medicine because it has a pungent aroma? A good heart is not pumping blood excessively and has stable blood pressure.

Cat’s Whiskers Leaves

Cat’s kumis leaves are able to lower blood pressure and remove excess water in the body. In addition to treating the fetus, this cat’s mustache is able to treat rheumatism, coughs, and colds.


Besides being able to lower cholesterol, avocados are good for the heart. This fruit that has high potassium levels has a very positive effect on heart health. A good source of antioxidants for the body.


Consuming wine is very good for the heart. There is a good polyphenol content for the body. Even though it is good for the heart, don’t eat too many grapes.