Side effects of suro leaves in the feminine area

Side effects of Suro leaves in the feminine area

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Side effects of suro leaves in the feminine area

The side effects of suro leaves in the female area make many women aware and don’t dare to use too much Suro anymore. As you know, Suro leaves are used as a healing medicine as well as helping the body’s health. Of all these uses, there are also some people who use suro leaves as a feminine cleansing medicine.

Using suro leaves can make the female area clean, mat, and odorless. Only by using cold suro leaves and boiled water can make the female area no longer be itchy. but the results of the study say that frequently using boiled water can change the pH in the female area. Side effects of suro leaves in the feminine area

Obtained effect

Of course, it makes the area unhealthy and not good for all of you. There are several side effects that you should pay attention to when using suro leaves, namely: Thebigtriceonline

Many think that suro boiled water can help clean the female area. The more often you use boiled water, the more itchy your female area will be. Makes your vagina sore, and wounds and infections are due to frequent scratching of the vagina. As a result of the injury, you cannot walk properly.

Fungus and infection
As you know, bacteria or fungi often appear in the female area. Makes you insecure. Suro leaves in boiled water can also make the PH of the female area decrease. The ability to prevent and maintain health is reduced so that bacteria and fungi grow quickly.

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Not everyone has the same allergies. There are also some people who are allergic to suro leaves. This often happens because of the body’s stamina and some unbalanced immunity in the body. Allergies that appear often show signs of rash, dryness, itching, and many more. the appearance of allergies is very diverse, there are those that are direct, and some are waiting for the process of two to three days. For those who have an infection or are allergic to suro leaves, immediately see a doctor.