Poisonous plant

Poisonous plant

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Poisonous plant

Poisonous plants are all around us. You have to be careful with these plants. there are so many types of plants that exist throughout the world. Those who always decorate the room give a calm and peaceful atmosphere. There are several types of plants that can be treated indoors or outdoors.

Various forms and types are also very diverse. For those of you who like to collect ornamental plants, of course, you will never feel bored. Always look for opportunities to add plant types as a form of decoration. Make the atmosphere so calm and comfortable. Of course, no one would have thought that a beautiful plant could also be a poisonous plant.


Thebigtriceonline – Of course, you have to be careful when you find poisonous plants. Different types of plants have different toxic locations. So that when you accidentally touch the plant, of course, you will experience some mild and severe symptoms. These symptoms can include fainting, vomiting, itching, and many more.

So that you can avoid poisonous plants. You must know the name, namely:

every part of his body contains poison//danger

ZZ plant
Ornamental plants are the most sought-after by many people. But who would have thought that this plant has a rather severe poison? Those who already have it must be careful not to touch it. If you touch and accidentally hold food, you will experience a burning sensation plus swelling in the mouth area.

An ornamental plant that has a unique flower shape. It has beautiful yellow flowers with a small funnel shape. At the root of this daffodil plant has a poison that is quite dangerous. The toxins produced can make a person get diarrhea, and vomiting, and can even make blood pressure high.

Beautiful and beautiful hanging flower plants. If you look at these plants, of course, you will feel like seeing flower strands falling into the sky. The seeds of this wisteria plant contain deadly poisons for humans. The poison produced in wisteria can cause vomiting, fainting, and dizziness.