Poisonous plant species

Poisonous plant species

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Poisonous plant species

There are many types of poisonous plants. Hi friends, have you ever thought that beautiful and beautiful plants can turn out to be poisonous? When you hear this, of course, you won’t believe it, right? But the fact is there are some plants that are not only beautiful but deadly.

Those of you who are lovers of nature and plants must definitely start to be careful with these plants. If you already have it, immediately keep toxic ornamental plants away from the reach of children and the elderly. This is done so that they are not exposed to the terrible poison of the plant.

Here are the names of the plants

Ornamental plants have poison in their flowers and leaves. The poison will begin to appear when you eat the plant. a poison that can cause blurred vision and keep the mind wandering or hallucinating. Apart from that, the toxins in the belladonna plant can also disturb a person’s nervous system and make breathing difficult. Thebigtriceonline

Plants are the most coveted by all circles of plant and nature lovers. Philedondron also has its own charm so many people have it. To care for it is not difficult. Although this beautiful philedondron plant also has a terrible side. It has poison that can make it difficult for someone to breathe, vomit, swell, and many more.

become an ornamental plant//example

Rhododendrons and azaleas
Beautiful and beautiful plants. This is what you can mention. If you want to take care of it, of course, you have to find a place that is not easy to touch or eat. Plants that turned out to have a deadly poison. If you find it, immediately move it to a place that is not visited by many people. A plant that can make a person paralyzed and experience unexpected stomachaches.

Mother-in-law’s tongue
One of the most popular plants among florists. Besides being beautiful, this plant has very good oxygen. It’s just that the tongue-in-law is also a poisonous plant. The level of poison received is frequent vomiting and diarrhea.