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Nausea is an effect that can come from anywhere. What triggers nausea is motion sickness (drinks, vehicles), stress, food poisoning, or the effects of certain drugs. Of course, the effect of nausea can make the stomach uncomfortable. Moreover, nausea that has been endured for hours will make the sufferer feel something like a fever. Someone who is nauseous can be categorized in any disease. For this reason, when you see a nauseous person, you must understand what is experienced and what symptoms are in the patient’s body.


Treating any of these diseases requires visible symptoms or a diagnosis. Even if it’s just nausea, people who don’t understand what the symptoms are experiencing will make the situation worse. Because nausea that has not been treated will make someone vomit. And don’t think that when you spit it out it will be good. Because there are many uncertain conditions that will occur at that time. Thebigtriceonline

Handling someone who is nauseous properly will not make us nervous and of course, the patient can recover. For example

  • Motion sickness, a person who has motion sickness should anticipate his journey by taking nausea relievers.
  • Eliminating excessive nausea can be by giving milk.
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No need to be nervous in dealing with nausea, all you have to do is think beforehand and what events make you nauseous. If you feel that you can’t hold it, then you can just vomit. Managed to take medicine and still get nauseous, so immediately go to see a doctor. Nausea makes you lose energy and not be excited.

Prevent Nausea

There are several ways to prevent nausea such as:

  • Nauseated by the fishy smell, you can go far or not visit the place.
  • Motion sickness, those of you who do have a duty to do work or important things, of course, need anti-nausea medication before traveling.
  • or even nausea from a stomach ulcer. For those of you who have a sick condition, of course, you have to be able to adjust your eating schedule so that your body condition is more stamina and heals quickly.