Medicinal Plants For Headaches

Medicinal Plants For Headaches

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Medicinal Plants For Headaches

You often get headaches due to stress or really have a condition that you are not fit, so you rarely often take medicine first. It’s better if you drink or consume natural medicine first. Natural medicine can not only give you healing but you can feel several other benefits. The following are medicinal plants that are suitable for headaches

Mint leaves

Mint leaves which are famous for increasing appetite and caring for dental and oral health are apparently able to overcome headaches. Those of you who have mint leaves don’t just throw them away, because these leaves have many benefits that are rarely known by many people. Mint leaves can be made into a warm drink to relieve headaches. You can boil mint leaves in water and pour it into the mint leaves and then you can drink it afterward.


Thebigtriceonline – This fragrant rosemary leaf is not just a food decoration, but this one plant can relieve pain. If you understand rosemary leaves, then you can consume these leaves as you like. The benefits of rosemary are numerous, such as stimulating hair growth, maintaining eye health, and even improving digestive health.


Feverfew which is famous for Tanacetum parthenium comes from Europe. Rather difficult to find this one plant. Those of you who have headaches can certainly drink this tea. Feverfew has good anti-inflammation for the body so it is very suitable to be used as a medicinal ingredient.

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For those of you who have quite heavy stress, it is very suitable to drink chamomile. Drinking camomile tea will reduce spasms in the muscles. If you have ever drunk chamomile then you can feel a lot of benefits. Apart from the delicious tea, you can also get the benefits.

Willow bark
Willow bark is willow bark. The tree bark has sufficient aspirin for those of you who feel a headache. The content of willow bark is polyphenols, antioxidants, and flavonoids. If put together, these ingredients can be used as a fever reducer, able to treat acne, able to make the skin peel off but gently, and even able to relieve skin redness.