Maintain Health with herbal plants

Maintain Health with herbal plants

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Maintain Health with herbal plants

Maintaining health with herbal plants can also help the body become healthy. Since the pandemic occurred, many people are easily infected with the virus. Without thinking they spend more money on expensive drugs. Not everyone can buy medicine at a high enough price. Maintain Health with herbal plants

The threat of contracting the virus has made many people look for other ways to get rid of the virus. The virus will not easily attack someone if the person’s body is still fit and healthy. But in contrast to the health of someone who is not fit will be easily exposed to viruses. Some experts say to be able to get rid of the virus we must be able to maintain body condition to stay fit.

Many benefits

Thebigtriceonline – In Indonesia, it is famous for its herbal plants. Traditional plants can make the body fresh. Making herbal plants as body-strengthening drugs. With herbal plants, you can restore endurance and stamina. In addition to healthy herbal plants can also be used as a cure for disease and can also prevent disease.

Of course, many are curious about what medicinal plants can be used to increase body power. Here are the names of plants that can help increase endurance, namely:

can increase stamina//types of medicinal plants

First potion

Red ginger
Brown sugar
And water

Second potion

And brown sugar

Potion three

Red ginger
Gotu Kola
Water and palm sugar

Fourth potion

Aromatic ginger
Pandan leaves
Palm sugar
And water

Fifth potion

Moringa leaves

How to concoct medicine

For the fifth potion, you have to prepare 2 handfuls of each ingredient. Of course it is very difficult for those of you who have never concocted herbal medicine. But you don’t need to worry, we have prepared some information that you might be able to use. How to concoct the fifth potion, you can prepare boiled water and then add the Moringa leaves. Turn off the stove and strain after it cools down. After filtering, you can drink the medicine.
Adults drink it twice a day with a full glass and children twice a day with a half cup. For other concoctions, the process is almost the same, the cooking method is also the same, and you can practice it.