How to treat toothache naturally

How to treat toothache naturally

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How to treat toothache naturally

Having problems with a toothache is of course not an easy thing for sufferers. For those of you who have a toothache, make sure you have dealt with it first before taking it to the doctor. Sometimes a toothache doesn’t have to be taken to the doctor directly because there are several factors. But for those of you who experience a toothache that causes inflammation or pain, then you have to do the treatment. You can choose natural treatment or medical treatment. If you choose a natural treatment, you can choose the following method. How to treat toothache naturally

Guava leaves

Thebigtriceonline – Those of you who have guava leaves us how to chew or cook the leaves so they can be drunk. Guava leaves are believed to cure toothache. The content of guava leaves is not just talking, there are already some people who use them.

Betel leaf
Betel leaves have antioxidants, antiseptics, and antimicrobials that can kill germs in the mouth. To use betel leaves you have to rinse your mouth after the betel leaves are finished cooking. Usually in a warm state betel leaves directly in the mouth to kill germs. Betel leaf can reduce inflammation of the gums.

natural treatment//for teeth

Having unbearable pain makes people weak and give up. Swollen teeth will certainly make the pain continue to increase. Lime can be a solution for swollen teeth. By using lime, you can deal with swollen gums properly and quickly. For maximum results, do this method repeatedly by gargling or drinking it.

Clove Oil
One of the drugs that can reduce toothache that has existed for a long time. Clove oil can reduce pain. Clove oil has a natural antiseptic. For how to use it, you only need to rub clove oil on your teeth.

To use salt, all you have to do is use water. If you use the water then you can gargle. Salt water can relieve pain in the teeth. Treatment methods that look old are still useful.