Causes of yellow aloe

Causes of yellow aloe

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Causes of yellow aloe

The cause of yellow aloe vera can be found due to be the wrong treatment of the aloe vera plant. Almost every house must make the aloe vera plant an ornamental plant. No need to bother caring for it because this plant can live in two rooms, namely outdoors and indoors.

Apart from being an ornamental plant, it turns out that aloe vera has many good benefits for the face and hair. In fact, some people often use aloe vera as medicine or as food and drink. For those who have never consumed aloe vera, of course, you know how it feels.

amount of water

Even though you can be treated in two rooms, you still have to pay attention to the treatment. One wrong step can make you lose aloe vera. Of course, for those of you who have a yellow aloe vera plant, you must immediately change the way you treat it. As you know, the color of aloe vera is supposed to be a beautiful bright green. Thebigtriceonline

For people who are plant experts will certainly know the main cause. But for those of you who are new, you can observe every step you have taken. the plant may start to turn yellow due to excess water. Watering plants also requires knowing the amount of water you should use.

Start cutting the rotten roots

Aloe vera is not a plant that can store a lot of water. So don’t water a lot when planting aloe vera. The way to be safe is that you remove the aloe vera plant and then look at the roots. If you find damaged roots, immediately cut the roots so they don’t rot to other roots.

too much flush//green and pretty

No need to worry if the roots of aloe vera are reduced. Because this plant can grow roots again by transplanting with good soil. If you are in a humid area, you don’t need to worry. Humid areas cannot make aloe vera turn yellow. Even though the humidity is high, it will not affect the growth period of aloe vera.

Watch the watering

Also, pay attention to how to water it. Do not be too high or flush with great force. You can flush slowly and direct the water downwards. This is done so that the plants are not shocked and the soil is not scattered. Many of you should also know that the aloe vera plant also likes warm areas.