Black hair

Black hair

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Black hair

Hair is the most important crown for women. Each hair will give you a charm and beauty that you can’t escape. But if at the age you are getting old, your hair will definitely change, right? Changes that sometimes make you feel insecure and embarrassed to meet many people. There are some plants that can actually blacken hair.

Not only good for making the body healthy. Apparently, there are some plants that can make hair black again. No need to buy polish to cover your hair color again. There are several kinds of colors that you can choose when using hair dye. It’s just that hair polish can sometimes make you experience infections and allergies. It’s no wonder that some people sometimes don’t want to deal with hair dyes.


In order not to experience allergies and infections, you can choose plants that can make your hair black. There are many ways and types of plants that you can use, such as Thebigtriceonline

Urang – Aring
One of the plants that provide good properties is making hair black. There are several companies that also use Urang – Aring as hair oil. Makes hair look neat and also makes hair look shiny when using Urang – Aring oil. But for those of you who want a natural polish, you can use the Urang – Aring plant.

The way to make it is very easy to use twice a week then your hair will be black. Just prepare a pot, coconut oil, and Urang – Aring. After the two ingredients are well blended, cook over low heat. After everything boils, wait for it to cool half and apply it to your hair. Wait about an hour then you can immediately rinse until clean.

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Shoe leaves
No one would have thought that hibiscus plants could make hair black. From the results of the study, it was stated that the shoe leaf plant contains polyphenols and saponins which can get rid of gray hair color. Take clean shoe leaves and grind them finely. After being mashed, mix the squeezed orange juice into the smooth shoe leaves. After everything then you can smear it on your hair.