Wild plants can be medicine

Wild plants can be medicine

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Wild plants can be medicine

Do not nasally pull when you get wild plants. Wild plants can be medicine and help cure many diseases. Many think that wild plants are plants that interfere with the beauty of other plants. But they don’t know that in the place where medicinal plants are made, wild plants can become drugs.

It’s not all wild plants but there are some that actually provide healing properties. Therefore, if you find wild plants, don’t throw them away or pull them out first. Let’s look at the types of wild plants that can be used as medicine as follows;


Thebigtriceonline – This plant which is often known by the Latin name acalypha australis line also has good benefits as medicine. Even though it looks normal, it turns out to have quite a large benefit. You can find earring plants in many places, such as in damp soil, ditches, and roadsides. Maybe for those of you who don’t know its shape, you can recognize its characteristics such as having flowers that are shaped like pearl strands with a green color.

The benefits of the earring plant are: it helps overcome bleeding in wounds, can also help heal wounds, has laxative urine, and also treat itching.


Babadaton is a wild plant that turns out to have good properties for the body. The benefit of the Babadotan plant is that it can help reduce internal heat and fever. How to use the Babadotan plant is to prepare the roots and then mash them finely. Rub on hot body parts.

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Spinach thorn

When we see spinach with thorns, we will automatically pull it out and throw it away. But did you know that plants that you think are poisonous actually have benefits for curing diseases? Unlike spinach in general which has a soft and smooth leaf shape. Spinach spinach actually has hard leaves. Called thorn spinach because it has a stem full of thorns. Spinach plants have many benefits such as:
Roots can cure all diseases
The leaves can treat hemorrhoids, swollen gums, launch breast milk, burns, and so on