Things to pay attention to when mixing medicinal plants

Things to pay attention to when mixing medicinal plants

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Things to pay attention to when mixing medicinal plants

There are several things that must be considered when mixing medicinal plants. Not all processes of concocting medicinal plants are successful. Requires several tools and also accuracy in concocting medicinal plants. There is an expert who says that mixing medicinal plants should not be careless. Must be with some good procedures and equipment that is clean and hygienic.

Before mixing medicinal plants, you must first pay attention to all the ingredients you get. Do not let any damaged materials come into the mix. The ingredients in dispensing medicine must be fresh and ripe. You can’t take it carelessly when you want to mix medicinal plants. Pay attention to every detail of the ingredients because what you mix later will be used as medicine for all people.

Things to pay attention to are:

Thebigtriceonline – Take a stem that is still good, not a cracked one
Choose flowers, and leaves, that doesn’t wither or change color
Choose the type of plant that is not damaged or moldy
Wash all the herbs with clean and running water
Prepare clean water when making medicinal concoctions
After observing and seeing the material that you will use, don’t forget to keep it clean at every location.

It is also not left behind to prepare tools for concocting medicinal plants. Do not use tools carelessly when mixing medicinal plants. Use tools that are only specifically for medicinal plants. This is done so that the drug concoction does not mix with home-eating utensils. To make medicinal plant concoctions, you also have to use aluminum materials.

Of course not all the tools you can use in making medicinal concoctions. There are several tools that have been suggested by several experts, namely:

adjust the dose of medicine//mix

Spatula stirring tool made of wood
Cauldron made of heat-resistant glass or clay
Filters of cloth, nylon plastic, or stainless steel
These tools you can use in concocting medicinal plants.

After you finish mixing the medicinal plants, you can store them in a clean and closed bottle. Use safeguards to prevent viruses from entering the drug.
While enjoying medicinal concoctions, of course, you will find some terms for the dose of medicine, right? To make medicine more efficacious we must first know the names of the doses. In addition to giving the right dose of medicinal properties, it will be good.

The following is the term for mixing:

One cup = 100cc
One tablespoon = 15cc

A glass = 200cc

Size 1 teaspoon = 5cc
Prepare 1 slice = slice with a size of 5 to 7 mm
Take 1 finger = 1 index finger
Prepare 1 pinch = take ingredients with five fingers
1 hand = take with 1 hand grip
1 pinch = use thumb and forefinger to pick up ingredients.