How to Plant Toga

How to Plant Toga

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How to Plant Toga

How to plant toga you can start with the selection of materials and land. Many people say that if the place is narrow and not wide then the toga cannot be planted. Even so, you don’t need to worry because the toga can already be planted. Even though the land is small and narrow, it can be planted easily.

You can plant various types of toga plants easily and quickly. Of course, the steps in planting require the right materials and tools so that the place for planting is not cramped. Utilizing narrow land provides many unexpected benefits for everyone.

Surely you are curious, not with narrow land. How to grow it?

Thebigtriceonline – Prepare a special plastic for planting, such as a poly bag, then take the soil and mix the fertilizer in it. After the soil and fertilizer are mixed, put them in the plastic poly bag that you have provided. When mixing soil with fertilizer, a ratio of two to one should be given. This is so that later the seeds you plant can be fertile.

After the seeds start to grow and release their leaves prolifically, you can move the plants from the polybags to the ground or to the pots that you have prepared. To move it, prepare a place for planting then add soil media before the plants enter. The position of the plants that you move will definitely have soil that will be carried away, but that’s okay.

Insert the plant into the media you want, then add more soil to the plant until it reaches the neck of the plant. Point the leaves or buds in an upward direction to get air and breathe freely.

What if the toga plant is ugly What steps should be taken?

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Before you know the plant is bad or you can’t observe the environment of the plant. A farmer knows that toga is a plant that should not get too much water or stagnate. This can make all plants easy to rot. So that it doesn’t rot and the plants can be good, you have to set the time to water the plants.

In addition to overcoming the watering time, you also have to ensure the type of fertilizer that is good for plants. You can choose liquid fertilizer or urea fertilizer to make plants thrive. Prepare a place to make fertilizer then take the fertilizer at the rate of one tablespoon. After putting the fertilizer into the container, don’t forget to take the water and mix it into the fertilizer. After it is thoroughly mixed, you can water the toga plants. Do it in one flush as the first step to welcome Toga to the path of enrichment. Warning use water to mix fertilizer as much as 5 liters of water. Successfully fertile, then you can already give kendang manure to the toga plants.